a prolonged, low, inarticulate sound uttered from or as if from physical or mental suffering.
any similar sound: the moan of the wind.
complaint or lamentation.
verb (used without object)
to utter moans, as of pain or grief.
(of the wind, sea, trees, etc.) to make any sound suggestive of such moans: The wind moaned through the trees.
verb (used with object)
to utter (something) inarticulately or pitifully, as if in lamentation: He moaned his response.
to lament or bemoan: to moan one's fate.

1175–1225; Middle English mone, man(e) (noun), Old English *mān, inferred from its derivative mǣnan to mourn

moanful, adjective
moanfully, adverb
moaningly, adverb
unmoaned, adjective
unmoaning, adjective

1. See groan. 4. grieve. 4, 7. mourn. 7. deplore. Unabridged
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moan (məʊn)
1.  a low prolonged mournful sound expressive of suffering or pleading
2.  any similar mournful sound, esp that made by the wind
3.  a grumble or complaint
4.  to utter (words) in a low mournful manner
5.  (intr) to make a sound like a moan
6.  (usually intr) to grumble or complain (esp in the phrase moan and groan)
[C13: related to Old English mǣnan to grieve over]
n, —adj

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Word Origin & History

early 13c., as a noun, "complaint, lamentation," probably related to O.E. mænan "complain, moan," also "tell, intend," from P.Gmc. *main- (but OED discounts this connection). Meaning "long, low inarticulate murmur from some prolonged pain" is first recorded 1670s. The verb is first attested early
15c. as "to complain," 1724 as "to make a low, mournful sound." Related: Moaned; moaning.
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Example sentences
We all cried, moaned, whimpered and wined but our world did not come crashing
It may have turned into a tenure-track job, my adviser moaned.
IV drips hung from makeshift poles and patients moaned as if they were
  recovering from a delirium.
She moaned and tossed in her darkened room, a sheen of sweat on her upper lip.
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