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1.  not extreme or excessive; within due or reasonable limits: moderate demands
2.  not violent; mild or temperate
3.  of average quality or extent: moderate success
4.  a person who holds moderate views, esp in politics
vb (when intr, often foll by over)
5.  to become or cause to become less extreme or violent
6.  to preside over a meeting, discussion, etc
7.  (Brit), (NZ) to act as an external moderator of the overall standards and marks for (some types of educational assessment)
8.  physics to slow down (neutrons), esp by using a moderator
9.  (tr) to monitor (the conversations in an on-line chatroom) for bad language, inappropriate content, etc
[C14: from Latin moderātus observing moderation, from moderārī to restrain]

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Then he resigned his posts, was accused of moderatism and imprisoned for over a year.
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