[muhg-er] /ˈmʌg ər/
a person who mugs, especially one who assaults a person in order to rob him or her.
1860–65, Americanism; mug + -er1


[muhg-er] /ˈmʌg ər/
a broad-snouted crocodile, Crocodylus palustris, of southern Asia, that grows to a length of about 16 feet (4.88 meters).
Also, muggar, muggur.
1835–45; < Hindi magar
Example Sentences for mugger
The bird is not another creature struggling to exist in a snowfield but an opportunistic mugger from the polar wastes.
In plain language: the previously unremarkable mugger's face now evokes terror.
The mugger left for over an hour and came back and finished killing her.
Hugger-mugger is part of life, especially under modern political conditions.
The mugger came from a broken home and was trying to lift himself out of poverty.
He told a police officer who spoke with him there that he had been shot by a mugger.
These swindlers use the phone as a weapon in much the same way that a mugger uses a handgun.
Imagine having to ask the mugger to wait while you take your pants down and fish out the mace.
Carry a small amount of cash in your wallet, enough to appease a mugger.
The enemy, as usual, is the big-city mugger raised to nightmare proportions.
British Dictionary definitions for mugger
mugger1 (ˈmʌɡə)
1.  informal a person who commits robbery with violence, esp in the street
2.  chiefly (US), (Canadian) a person who overacts

mugger, muggar or muggur2 (ˈmʌɡə)
Also called: marsh crocodile a large freshwater crocodile, Crocodylus niloticus, inhabiting marshes and pools of India and Ceylon
[C19: from Hindi magar]
muggar, muggar or muggur2
[C19: from Hindi magar]
muggur, muggar or muggur2
[C19: from Hindi magar]

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  1. An actor or comedian who makes exaggerated faces, grimaces, etc, for humorous effect : where this trivial mugger is performing (1892+)
  2. A thief who uses extreme physical violence : apparently the victim of muggers/ A knife or an armlock around the throat has been the favorite technique of muggers (1865+)

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