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Nama or Namaqua (ˈnɑːmə, nəˈmɑːkwə)
n , -ma, -mas, -qua, -quas
1.  a member of a Khoikhoi people living chiefly in Namaqualand
2.  See also Damara the Khoikhoi language spoken by this people, belonging to the Khoisan family
usage  Nama is the generally accepted noun and adjetive to refer to members of the Khoikhoi people
Namaqua or Namaqua
usage  Nama is the generally accepted noun and adjetive to refer to members of the Khoikhoi people
'Naman or Namaqua
n, —adj
Na'maquan or Namaqua
n, —adj

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in Vedism and Hinduism, the characteristic sign or mark, most frequently used in the sense of the "name," of an individual, or the word that stands for an object. The term has been appropriated by Indian linguistics to denote the noun in a sentence unit. In some Hindu schools the term assumes the philosophical meaning of the essence, or substance, of a thing, as opposed to its form (rupa). In Theravada Buddhism nama denotes the four immaterial components of one's personality: feelings (vedana); ideations (sanna); mental formations, or dispositions (sankhara); and consciousness (vinnana). These subtle components are said to conjoin with various physical qualities, such as size, shape, and weight, to form the individual person. According to most schools of Buddhist thought and practice, the identification of any or all of these immaterial and material components of an individual with any sort of essential personality is a hindrance to the attainment of enlightenment. Thus, a Buddhist who is on the path to enlightenment endeavours to comprehend the fundamental unreality of both the immaterial (naman) and the material (rupa) aspects of reality.

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