skill or adroitness in using the hands or body; agility.
mental adroitness or skill; cleverness.

1520–30; < Latin dexteritās readiness, equivalent to dexter- (stem of dexter) skillful + -itās -ity

nondexterity, noun Unabridged
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dexterity (dɛkˈstɛrɪtɪ)
1.  physical, esp manual, skill or nimbleness
2.  mental skill or adroitness: cleverness
3.  rare the characteristic of being right-handed
[C16: from Latin dexteritās aptness, readiness, prosperity; see dexter1]

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Word Origin & History

1520s, from M.Fr. dexterite, from L. dexteritatem (nom. dexteritas), from dexter "skillful," also "right (hand)," from PIE base *dek-, cf. Gk. dexios "on the right hand," also "fortunate, clever;" Goth. taihswa; Skt. daksinah "on the right hand, southern, skillful;" Lith. desinas; O.Ir. dess "on the
right hand, southern." Klein says the PIE base meant "to take, receive," also "acceptable, becoming, good." The Gk. and L. forms are with the comp. suffix -ter, thus meaning etymologically "the better direction." M.E. dester meant "right hand," and in heraldry dexter means "on the right side."
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