the act or process of applying wax, as in polishing or filling.
the manufacturing of a phonograph record.
the act or technique of applying a depilatory wax to the body for removing hair.

1400–50; late Middle English; see wax1, -ing1

nonwaxing, adjective Unabridged
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Word Origin & History

"substance made by bees," O.E. weax, from P.Gmc. *wakhsan (cf. O.S., O.H.G. wahs, O.N. vax, Du. was, Ger. Wachs); cognate with O.C.S. vasku, Lith. vakas, Pol. wosk, Rus. vosk "wax" (but these may be from Gmc.). Waxworks "exhibition of wax figures representing famous or notorious persons" first recorded

"grow bigger or greater," O.E. weaxan "to increase, grow" (class VII strong verb; past tense weox, pp. weaxen), from P.Gmc. *wakhsan (cf. O.S., O.H.G. wahsan, O.N. vaxa, O.Fris. waxa, Du. wassen, Ger. wachsen, Goth. wahsjan "to grow, increase"), from PIE *wegs- (cf. Skt. vaksayati "cause to grow," Gk.
auxein "to increase"), extended form of base *aug- "to increase" (see augment). Strong conjugation archaic after 14c.
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waxing wax·ing (wāk'sĭng) or wax·ing-up (wāk'sĭng-ŭp')
The shaping of the contours of a trial denture or a crown in wax prior to its casting in metal.

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wax   (wāks)  Pronunciation Key 
Any of various solid, usually yellow substances that melt or soften easily when heated. They are similar to fats, but are less greasy and more brittle. Naturally occurring animal and plant waxes are esters of saturated fatty acids and alcohols of high molecular weight, including sterols. Waxes are also manufactured synthetically from petroleum, and are used to make polishers, lubricants, coatings, waterproofing, crayons, candles, and many other products.
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