verb (used without object), slunk or (Archaic) slank; slunk; slinking.
to move or go in a furtive, abject manner, as from fear, cowardice, or shame.
to walk or move in a slow, sinuous, provocative way.
verb (used with object), slunk or (Archaic) slank; slunk; slinking.
(especially of cows) to bring forth (young) prematurely.
a prematurely born calf or other animal.
born prematurely: a slink calf.

before 1150; Middle English slynken (v.), Old English slincan to creep, crawl; cognate with Low German slinken, German schlinken

slinkingly, adverb
outslink, verb (used with object), outslunk, outslinking.
unslinking, adjective

sling, slink.

1. skulk, sneak; lurk.
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slink (slɪŋk)
vb , slinks, slinking, slunk
1.  (intr) to move or act in a furtive or cringing manner from or as if from fear, guilt, etc
2.  (intr) to move in a sinuous alluring manner
3.  (tr) (of animals, esp cows) to give birth to prematurely
4.  a.  an animal, esp a calf, born prematurely
 b.  (as modifier): slink veal
[Old English slincan; related to Middle Low German slinken to shrink, Old Swedish slinka to creep, Danish slunken limp]

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Word Origin & History

O.E. slincan "to creep, crawl" (of reptiles), from P.Gmc. *slenkanan (cf. Swed. slinka "to glide," Du. slinken "to shrink, shrivel;" related to sling (v.)). Of persons, attested from late 14c. Slinky (adj.) "sinuous and slender," of women or clothes, first attested 1921. As
a proprietary name for a spring marketed as a toy, 1948, by James Industries Inc., Philadelphia, U.S.A.
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