noun, plural varieties.
the state of being varied or diversified: to give variety to a diet.
difference; discrepancy.
a number of different types of things, especially ones in the same general category: a large variety of fruits.
a kind or sort.
a different form, condition, or phase of something: varieties of pastry; a variety of economic reforms.
a category within a species, based on some hereditary difference.
a type of animal or plant produced by artificial selection.
Philately. a stamp differing from others of the same issue through an accident other than an error of an artist or printer. Compare error ( def 8 ), freak1 ( def 5 ).
Also called variety show. entertainment of mixed character, consisting of a number of individual performances or acts, as of singing, dancing, or skits. Compare vaudeville ( def 1 ).
of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a variety: a variety performer.

1525–35; < Latin varietās, equivalent to vari(us) various + -etās, variant of -itās -ity after a vowel

nonvariety, noun, plural nonvarieties.
overvariety, noun
subvariety, noun, plural subvarieties.

1. diversity, multiplicity. 3. assortment, collection, group. 5. kind, sort, class, species.

1. sameness.

3, 5. As a collective noun, variety, when preceded by a, is often treated as a plural: A variety of inexpensive goods are sold here. When preceded by the, it is usually treated as a singular: The variety of products is small. See also collective noun, number.
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variety (vəˈraɪɪtɪ)
n , pl -ties
1.  the quality or condition of being diversified or various
2.  a collection of unlike things, esp of the same general group; assortment
3.  a different form or kind within a general category; sort: varieties of behaviour
4.  a.  taxonomy a race whose distinct characters are insufficient to justify classification as a separate species; a subspecies
 b.  horticulture, stockbreeding a strain of animal or plant produced by artificial breeding
5.  a.  entertainment consisting of a series of short unrelated performances or acts, such as comedy turns, songs, dances, sketches, etc
 b.  (as modifier): a variety show
[C16: from Latin varietās, from various]

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Word Origin & History

1533, from M.Fr. variété, from L. varietatem (nom. varietas) "difference, diversity," from varius "various" (see vary). First recorded 1868, Amer.Eng., in ref. to "music hall or theatrical performances of a mixed nature."
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