[pal] Informal.
a very close, intimate friend; comrade; chum.
an accomplice.
verb (used without object), palled, palling.
to associate as comrades or chums: to pal around with the kid next door.

1675–85; < English Romany: brother, mate, dissimilated variant of continental Romany phralSanskrit bhrātṛ brother Unabridged


a special air service offered by the U.S. Postal Service for sending parcels from 5 to 30 pounds (2.3 to 13.5 kg) to overseas servicemen: only the regular parcel post rate to the U.S. port of shipment plus $1 is charged. Compare SAM ( def 2 ).

P(arcel) A(ir) L(ift)


Police Athletic League.
Also, P.A.L.

Pal. Unabridged
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World English Dictionary
pal (pæl)
1.  a close friend; comrade
2.  an accomplice
vb , pals, palling, palled
3.  (intr; usually foll by with or about) to associate as friends
[C17: from English Gypsy: brother, ultimately from Sanskrit bhrātarbrother]

PAL (pæl)
n acronym for
phase alternation line: a colour-television broadcasting system used generally in Europe

abbreviation for

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Word Origin & History

1681, from Romany (English Gypsy) pal "brother, comrade," variant of continental Romany pral, plal, phral, probably from Skt. bhrata "brother" (see brother).
"Better late than never, Pal, is a saying applicable on the present occasion." [Lord Byron, 1807]
The verb is first recorded 1879.
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Computing Dictionary

PAL definition

1. Paradox Application Language.
2. For the AVANCE distributed persistent operating system.
["PAL Reference Manual", M. Ahlsen et al, SYSLAB WP-125, Stockholm 1987].
["AVANCE: An Object Management System", A. Bjornerstedt et al, SIGPLAN Notices 23(11):206-221 (OOPSLA '88) (Nov 1988)].
[What is it?]
3. An object-oriented Prolog-like language.
["Inheritance Hierarchy Mechanism in Prolog", K. Akama, Proc Logic Prog '86, LNCS 264, Springer 1986, pp. 12-21].
4. PDP Assembly Language.
5. Pedagogic Algorithmic Language.
6. Programmable Array Logic.
7. phase alternating line.
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American Heritage
Abbreviations & Acronyms
  1. phase alternation line

  2. Police Athletic League

  1. Palestine

  2. Palestinian

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There were two tapes in total released for the uk market in pal format.
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