any of numerous small, slender parrots, usually having a long, pointed, graduated tail, often kept as pets and noted for the ability to mimic speech: several species are endangered.
Also, paraquet, paroquet, parrakeet, parroket, parroquet.

1575–85; < Middle French paroquet parrot, apparently originally a diminutive of P(i)errot, diminutive of Pierre Peter, as a name for a parrot; the modern form and its earlier variants have been influenced by Italian parrocchetto and Spanish periquito (both ultimately < MF) Unabridged


Also, parroquet. Unabridged
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parakeet or parrakeet (ˈpærəˌkiːt)
any of numerous small usually brightly coloured long-tailed parrots, such as Psittacula krameri (ring-necked parakeet), of Africa
[C16: from Spanish periquito and Old French paroquet parrot, of uncertain origin]
parrakeet or parrakeet
[C16: from Spanish periquito and Old French paroquet parrot, of uncertain origin]

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Word Origin & History

1621, from Sp. perquito; earlier Eng. form parroket (1581) is from M.Fr. paroquet, from O.Fr. paroquet (14c.), which is said by etymologists of Fr. to be from It. parrocchetto, lit. "little priest," from parroco "parish priest," from Church L. parochus (see parish), or parrucchetto,
dim. of parrucca "peruke, periwig," in ref. to the head plumage. The Sp. form, meanwhile, is sometimes said to be a dim. of Perico, familiar form of Pedro "Peter," and the O.Fr. word is likewise perhaps from or infl. by a dim. of Pierre "Peter." The relations of the Sp. and It. forms, and the influence of folk etymology on either or both, are uncertain.
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