verb (used with object)
to bother persistently with petty annoyances; trouble: Don't pester me with your trivial problems.
Obsolete. to overcrowd.

1530–40; perhaps aphetic variant of empester, impester to tangle, encumber (though pester is found earlier than these 2 words) < Middle French empestrer to hobble, entangle < Vulgar Latin *impāstōriāre to hobble, equivalent to im- im-1 + pāstōri(a) a hobble, noun use of Latin pāstōrius of a herdsman or shepherd + -āre infinitive suffix (see pastor); aphetic form apparently reinforced by pest (cf. -er6)

pesterer, noun
pesteringly, adverb
pestersome, adjective
unpestered, adjective

1. annoy, vex, tease, disturb; irritate, provoke, plague; badger, harry, hector.

1. delight, entertain. Unabridged
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pester (ˈpɛstə)
(tr) to annoy or nag continually
[C16: from Old French empestrer to hobble (a horse), from Vulgar Latin impāstōriāre (unattested) to use a hobble, from pāstōria (unattested) a hobble, from Latin pāstōrius relating to a herdsman, from pastor herdsman]

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Word Origin & History

1524, "to clog, entangle, encumber," probably aphetic of M.Fr. empestrer "place in an embarrassing situation" (Fr. empêtrer, Walloon epasturer), from V.L. *impastoriare "to hobble" (an animal), from L. im- "in" + M.L. pastoria (chorda) "rope to hobble an animal," noun use of L. pastoria, fem. of
pastorius "of a herdsman," from pastor "herdsman," from pascere "to graze." Sense of "annoy, trouble" (1562) is from influence of pest (q.v.).
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Example sentences
Once installed, the trial versions pumped yet more ads into the user's web browser, pestering people to shell out the full price.
Provides a good idea regarding the pestering problems of hiccup.
My dealer has been pestering me to power flush the transmission for five years.
Its main claim to fame is pestering cotton, even though dozens of crops can serve as hosts.
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