a prefix indicating favor for some party, system, idea, etc., without identity with the group (pro-British; pro-Communist; proslavery ), having anti- as its opposite.
a prefix of priority in space or time having especially a meaning of advancing or projecting forward or outward, and also used to indicate substitution, attached widely to stems not used as words: provision; prologue; proceed; produce; protract; procathedral; proconsul.

< Latin prō-, pro-, combining form representing prō pro1 Unabridged


a prefix identical in meaning with pro-1, , occurring in words borrowed from Greek (prodrome ) or formed of Greek (and occasionally Latin) elements.

< Greek, combining form of pró for, before; see pro1 Unabridged
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World English Dictionary
1.  in favour of; supporting: pro-Chinese
2.  acting as a substitute for: proconsul; pronoun
[from Latin prō (adv and prep). In compound words borrowed from Latin, prō- indicates: forward, out (project); forward and down (prostrate); away from a place (prodigal); onward in time or space (proceed); extension outwards (propagate); before in time or place (provide, protect); on behalf of (procure); acting as a substitute for (pronominal); and sometimes intensive force (promiscuous)]

before in time or position; anterior; forward: prophase; procephalic; prognathous
[from Greek pro (prep) before (in time, position, rank, etc)]

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Word Origin & History

prefix meaning "before, forward, in favor of, in place of," from L. pro "on behalf of, in place of, before, for," also in some cases from cognate Gk. pro "before, in front of," both from PIE *pro-, extended form of base *por- "forward, through" (cf. Skt. para "beyond," pra- "before, forward, forth;"
Gk. paros "before," para- "from beside, against, beyond;" Goth. faura "before," O.E. fore "before, for, on account of," fram "forward, from"). Pro and con is attested from c.1400, short for pro and contra "for and against" (L. pro et contra).
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American Heritage
Medical Dictionary

pro- pref.

  1. Earlier; before; prior to: progenitor.

  2. Rudimentary: pronucleus.

  3. Anterior; in front of: procephalic.

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