the outline or contour of the human face, especially the face viewed from one side.
a picture or representation of the side view of a head.
an outlined view, as of a city or mountain.
an outline of an object, as a molding, formed on a vertical plane passed through the object at right angles to one of its principal horizontal dimensions.
a drawing or the like representing this.
Surveying. a vertical section of the ground surface taken parallel to a survey line. Compare cross section ( def 6 ). See diag. under contour map.
a verbal, arithmetical, or graphic summary or analysis of the history, status, etc., of a process, activity, relationship, or set of characteristics: a biochemical profile of a patient's blood; a profile of national consumer spending.
an informal biography or a concisely presented sketch of the life and character of a person.
a set of characteristics or qualities that identify a type or category of person or thing: a profile of a typical allergy sufferer.
the look, configuration, or lines of something: cars with a modern profile.
degree of noticeability; visibility.
Psychology. a description of behavioral and personality traits of a person compared with accepted norms or standards.
Theater. a flat stage property or scenic piece cut from a firm, thin material, as of beaverboard or plywood, and having an irregular edge resembling the silhouette of a natural object.
(in a gear) the outline of either end of a tooth.
Naval Architecture. a longitudinal elevation or section of a vessel. Compare outboard profile.
verb (used with object), profiled, profiling.
to draw a profile of.
to produce or present a history, description, or analysis of: The magazine will profile the candidate in its next issue.

1650–60; (noun) < Italian prof(f)ilo, noun derivative of profilare to delineate, outline, equivalent to pro- pro-1 + -filare, derivative of filo line, thread < Latin fīlum

profiler, noun
half-profile, noun

1. silhouette. Unabridged
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World English Dictionary
profile (ˈprəʊfaɪl)
1.  a side view, outline, or representation of an object, esp of a human face or head
2.  a view or representation of an object, esp a building, in contour or outline
3.  a short biographical sketch of a subject
4.  a graph, table, or list of scores representing the extent to which a person, field, or object exhibits various tested characteristics or tendencies: a population profile
5.  a vertical section of soil from the ground surface to the parent rock showing the different horizons
6.  a.  a vertical section of part of the earth's crust showing the layers of rock
 b.  a representation of such a section
7.  the outline of the shape of a river valley either from source to mouth (long profile) or at right angles to the flow of the river (cross profile)
8.  to draw, write, or make a profile of
9.  to cut out a shape from a blank (as of steel) with a cutter
[C17: from Italian profilo, from profilare to sketch lightly, from pro-1 + Latin fīlum thread]

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Word Origin & History

1656, "a drawing of the outline of anything," from It. profilo "a drawing in outline," from profilare "to draw in outline," from pro- "forth" + filare "draw out, spin," from L.L. filare "to spin, draw out a line," from filum "thread." Meaning "biographical sketch, character study" is from 1734. The verb
is 1715, "to represent in profile," from the noun. Meaning "to summarize a person in writing" is from 1948. Profiling in the racial/ethnic stereotyping sense is recorded from c.1991.
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American Heritage
Medical Dictionary

profile pro·file (prō'fīl')

  1. A side view of an object or a structure, especially of the human head.

  2. A formal summary or analysis of data, often in the form of a graph or table, representing distinctive features or characteristics.

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Computing Dictionary

PROFILE definition

Simple language for matching and scoring data. "User's Manual for the PROFILE System", Cambridge Computer Assoc (May 1974).
[Jargon File]

profile definition

1. A control file for a program, especially a text file automatically read from each user's home directory and intended to be easily modified by the user in order to customise the program's behaviour. Used to avoid hard-coded choices (see also dot file, rc file).
2. A report on the amounts of time spent in each routine of a program, used to find and tune away the hot spots in it. This sense is often verbed. Some profiling modes report units other than time (such as call counts) and/or report at granularities other than per-routine, but the idea is similar.

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Idioms & Phrases


see keep a low profile.

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Example sentences
If nothing else, he's found a good way to enhance his profile.
That's why they had this strange combination with profile and frontal with
  drawings of people.
In fact, you may be shocked to see what your profile says about you.
Actively profile anyone who drinks more than two drinks a day.
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