that pushes.
enterprising; energetic.
tactlessly or officiously aggressive; forward; intrusive.

1520–30; push + -ing2

pushingly, adverb
pushingness, noun

2. ambitious. 3. offensive.
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pushing (ˈpʊʃɪŋ)
1.  enterprising, resourceful, or aggressively ambitious
2.  impertinently self-assertive
3.  almost or nearly (a certain age, speed, etc): pushing fifty

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Word Origin & History

c.1300, from O.Fr. poulser, from L. pulsare "to beat, strike, push," frequentative of pellere (pp. pulsus) "to push, drive, beat" (see pulse (1)). The noun is first recorded 1570. Meaning "approach a certain age" is from 1937. Meaning "promote" (1714) led to pusher "peddler
of illegal drugs," first recorded 1935 in prison slang (earlier it meant "prostitute," 1923). Pushy "forward, aggressive" first recorded 1936. To push (someone) around is from 1923. Phrase push comes to shove is from 1958; to push (one's) luck is from 1911. To push the envelope in figurative sense is late 1980s. Push-up, the exercise, is from 1906; to push up daisies "be dead and buried" is from c.1860. Push-button (n.) is from 1898; adj. sense "characterized by the use of push-buttons" is from 1946.
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Slang Dictionary

push definition

  1. tv.
    to approach a particular age (in years). : He's only pushing thirty, but he looks much older.
  2. in.
    to recruit new drug users and sell drugs to them; to deal in drugs. : He was pushing for two years before the cops got him.
  3. tv.
    to hypesomething or someone; to pressure something or someone. : The clerk was pushing one brand so hard that I finally bought it.
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