a search or pursuit made in order to find or obtain something: a quest for uranium mines; a quest for knowledge.
Medieval Romance. an adventurous expedition undertaken by a knight or knights to secure or achieve something: the quest of the Holy Grail.
those engaged in such an expedition.
British Dialect, inquest.
Obsolete. a jury of inquest.
verb (used without object)
to search; seek (often followed by for or after ): to quest after hidden treasure.
to go on a quest.
to search for game.
to bay or give tongue in pursuit of game.
verb (used with object)
to search or seek for; pursue.

1275–1325; (noun) Middle English queste < Old French < Latin quaesīta, feminine past participle of quaerere to seek; (v.) Middle English questen < Old French quester, derivative of the noun

quester, noun
questingly, adverb
unquested, adjective

1. hunt, seeking, journey, mission, enterprise. Unabridged
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World English Dictionary
quest (kwɛst)
1.  the act or an instance of looking for or seeking; search: a quest for diamonds
2.  (in medieval romance) an expedition by a knight or company of knights to accomplish some prescribed task, such as finding the Holy Grail
3.  the object of a search; goal or target: my quest is the treasure of the king
4.  rare a collection of alms
vb (foll by for or after)
5.  to go in search (of)
6.  to go on a quest
7.  of gun dogs or hounds
 a.  to search for game
 b.  to bay when in pursuit of game
8.  rare to collect alms
9.  archaic (also tr) to go in search of (a thing); seek or pursue
[C14: from Old French queste, from Latin quaesita sought, from quaerere to seek]

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Word Origin & History

c.1300, "a search for something" (esp. of judicial inquiries or hounds seeking game), from O.Fr. queste (Fr. quête), prop. "the act of seeking," from M.L. questa "search, inquiry," alteration of L. quæsitus, pp. of quærere "seek, gain, ask" (see query). Romance
sense of "adventure undertaken by a knight" is attested from late 14c. The verb is first recorded mid-14c.
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Computing Dictionary

Quest definition

1. A language designed for its simple denotational semantics. "The Denotational Semantics of Programming Languages", R. Tennent, CACM 19(8):437-453 (Aug 1976).
2. QUantifiers and SubTypes. Language with a sophisticated type system. Just as types classify values, "kinds" classify types and type operators. Explicit universal and existential quantification over types, type operators, and subtypes. Subtyping is defined inductively on all type constructions, including higher-order functions and abstract types. User-definable higher-order type operators.
"Typeful Programming", Luca Cardelli , RR 45, DEC SRC 1989.
Implemented in Modula-3.
3. A multimedia authoring system. Quest has been available for MS-DOS for some time. Version 3.5 for Microsoft Windows was released around March 1995. It features an Authorware-style flowchart system with an ANSI-C script language.
The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing, © Denis Howe 2010
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see under in search of.

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Example sentences
Everything went badly, leaving this humorous account the only bright spot in their quest.
The quest for knowledge used to begin with grand theories.
But, as with the quest for oil, growing organically is expensive at the moment.
So began my quest to discover craftspeople passing on a special kind of knowledge to the next generation.
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