a person or thing that rams.

1490–1500; ram1 + -er1

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ram (ræm)
1.  an uncastrated adult sheep
2.  a piston or moving plate, esp one driven hydraulically or pneumatically
3.  the falling weight of a pile driver or similar device
4.  short for battering ram
5.  rostrum, Also called: beak a pointed projection in the stem of an ancient warship for puncturing the hull of enemy ships
6.  a warship equipped with a ram
7.  slang a sexually active man
vb (usually foll by into) , rams, ramming, rammed
8.  to force or drive, as by heavy blows: to ram a post into the ground
9.  (of a moving object) to crash with force (against another object) or (of two moving objects) to collide in this way: the ships rammed the enemy
10.  (tr; often foll by in or down) to stuff or cram (something into a hole, etc)
11.  (tr; foll by onto, against etc) to thrust violently: he rammed the books onto the desk
12.  (tr) to present (an idea, argument, etc) forcefully or aggressively (esp in the phrase ram (something) down someone's throat)
13.  (tr) to drive (a charge) into a firearm
[Old English ramm; related to Old High German ram ram, Old Norse ramr fierce, rimma to fight]

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Example sentences
The rammer was a wooden cylinder about the same diameter and length as the shot.
Lightly tamp the fluffy material with the manual rammer or other similar device.
The foil can be caught by the rammer and be pulled all or partially forward when removing the sponge rammer.
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