re percussion


[ree-per-kuhsh-uhn, rep-er-]
an effect or result, often indirect or remote, of some event or action: The repercussions of the quarrel were widespread.
the state of being driven back by a resisting body.
a rebounding or recoil of something after impact.
reverberation; echo.
Music. (in a fugue) the point after the development of an episode at which the subject and answer appear again.

1375–1425; late Middle English (< Middle French) < Latin repercussiōn- (stem of repercussiō) a rebounding, equivalent to repercuss(us) (past participle of repercutere to strike back) + -iōn- -ion. See re-, percussion Unabridged
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repercussion (ˌriːpəˈkʌʃən)
1.  (often plural) a result or consequence, esp one that is somewhat removed from the action or event which precipitated it: the repercussions of the war are still keenly felt
2.  a recoil after impact; a rebound
3.  a reflection, esp of sound; echo or reverberation
4.  music the reappearance of a fugal subject and answer after an episode
[C16: from Latin repercussiō, from repercutere to strike back; see percussion]

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Word Origin & History

c.1400 (implied in repercussive) "act of driving back," from M.Fr. répercussion (14c.), from L. repercusionem (nom. repercussio), from repercussus, pp. of repercutere "to strike or beat back," from re- "back" + percutere "to strike or thrust through" (see
percussion). Meaning "reverberation, echo" first recorded 1595; the metaphoric extension is recorded from 1625.
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