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[ri-koo-per-uh-tiv, -puh-rey-tiv, -kyoo-] /rɪˈku pər ə tɪv, -pəˌreɪ tɪv, -ˈkyu-/
that recuperates.
having the power of recuperating.
pertaining to recuperation:
recuperative powers.
Also, recuperatory
[ri-koo-per-uh-tawr-ee, -tohr-ee, -kyoo-] /rɪˈku pər əˌtɔr i, -ˌtoʊr i, -ˈkyu-/ (Show IPA)
1640-50; < Late Latin recuperātīvus that can be regained, equivalent to recuperāt(us) (see recuperate) + -īvus -ive
Related forms
recuperativeness, noun
nonrecuperative, adjective
nonrecuperativeness, noun
nonrecuperatory, adjective
unrecuperative, adjective
unrecuperativeness, noun
unrecuperatory, adjective Unabridged
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Examples from the web for recuperative
  • Chiropractors provide natural, drugless, non-surgical health treatments and rely on the body's inherent recuperative abilities.
  • Thus the nation possessed little recuperative power to make good the perpetual losses of its almost continuous foreign wars.
  • The recuperative, regenerative, and unit melter furnaces can be fueled by either gas or oil.
  • Two recuperative heat exchangers are required per each four-stack electrolysis module.
  • Short-term shelter, nursing and behavioral health services are the key elements of medical respite's recuperative care.
  • The district provides proactive prevention and recuperative strategies for students who are off-track to graduation.
  • Chiropractic uses natural, drugless non-surgical health treatments and relies on the body's inherent recuperative abilities.
  • Serious injuries, and their recuperative periods, present long-term challenges for family members and members of your department.
  • The recuperative power of the giant sequoia is also great.

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