1 [ree-guhl]
of or pertaining to a king; royal: the regal power.
befitting or resembling a king.
stately; splendid.

1300–50; Middle English < Latin rēgālis royal

regally, adverb
regalness, noun

2. See kingly.

3. base. Unabridged
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regal1 (ˈriːɡəl)
of, relating to, or befitting a king or queen; royal
[C14: from Latin rēgālis from rēx king]

regal2 (ˈriːɡəl)
(sometimes plural) a portable organ equipped only with small reed pipes, popular from the 15th century and recently revived for modern performance
[C16: from French régale; of obscure origin]

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Word Origin & History

early 14c., from L. regalis "royal, kingly, belonging to a king," from rex (gen. regis) "king," from PIE base *reg- "move in a straight line," hence, "direct, rule, guide" (cf. Skt. raj- "a king, a leader;" Avestan razeyeiti "directs;" Pers. rahst "right, correct;" L. regere "to rule," rex "a king, a
leader," rectus "right, correct;" O.Ir. ri, Gaelic righ "a king;" Gaul. -rix "a king," in personal names, e.g. Vircingetorix; Goth. reiks "a leader;" O.E. rice "kingdom," -ric "king," rice "rich, powerful," riht "correct;" Goth. raihts, O.H.G. recht, O.Swed. reht, O.N. rettr "correct").
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Example sentences
We wore white organdy dresses and waved regally from the queen's frothy float.
Standing regally at the bow is the object of their efforts-a blue and yellow
But miraculously, she sat regally and calmly through the segment.
The less he gave, standing remote and noble and regally aloof, the more the
  world took it as evidence of dignity.
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