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riddle1 (ˈrɪdəl)
1.  a question, puzzle, or verse so phrased that ingenuity is required for elucidation of the answer or meaning; conundrum
2.  a person or thing that puzzles, perplexes, or confuses; enigma
3.  to solve, explain, or interpret (a riddle or riddles)
4.  (intr) to speak in riddles
[Old English rǣdelle, rǣdelse, from rǣd counsel; related to Old Saxon rādislo, German Rätsel]

World English Dictionary
riddle2 (ˈrɪdəl)
1.  (usually foll by with) to pierce or perforate with numerous holes: riddled with bullets
2.  to damage or impair
3.  to put through a sieve; sift
4.  to fill or pervade: the report was riddled with errors
5.  a sieve, esp a coarse one used for sand, grain, etc
[Old English hriddel a sieve, variant of hridder; related to Latin crībrum sieve]

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Example sentences for riddler
The riddler is obsessed with riddles, puzzles and word games.
In the story pushback, hush reappears and beats riddler senseless across a
In this encounter, the riddler seeks shelter from ivy only to be humiliated.
Riddler and ivy then face off in a physical duel, which ivy wins easily.
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