ride hounds


1 [hound]
one of any of several breeds of dogs trained to pursue game either by sight or by scent, especially one with a long face and large drooping ears.
Informal. any dog.
a mean, despicable person.
Informal. an addict or devotee: an autograph hound.
one of the pursuers in the game of hare and hounds.
verb (used with object)
to hunt or track with hounds, or as a hound does; pursue.
to pursue or harass without respite: Her little brother wouldn't stop hounding her.
to incite (a hound) to pursuit or attack; urge on.
Informal. to incite or urge (a person) to do something (usually followed by on ).
follow the hounds, Fox Hunting. to participate in a hunt, especially as a member of the field.
ride to hounds, Fox Hunting. to participate in a hunt, whether as a member of the field or of the hunt staff.

before 900; Middle English h(o)und, Old English hund; cognate with Dutch hond, Old Norse hundr, Danish, Sw hund, German Hund, Gothic hunds; akin to Latin canis, Greek kýōn (genitive kynós), Sanskrit śván (genitive śunas), Old Irish (genitive con), Welsh ci (plural cwn), Tocharian A kū, Lithuanian šuõ

hounder, noun
houndish, houndy, adjective
houndlike, adjective
unhounded, adjective

6. dog, follow, chase, trail; tail. 7. pester, annoy, persecute, bully.
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hound1 (haʊnd)
1.  a.  any of several breeds of dog used for hunting
 b.  (in combination): an otterhound; a deerhound
2.  the hounds a pack of foxhounds, etc
3.  a dog, esp one regarded as annoying
4.  a despicable person
5.  (in hare and hounds) a runner who pursues a hare
6.  slang chiefly (US), (Canadian) an enthusiast: an autograph hound
7.  short for houndfish See also nursehound
8.  ride to hounds, follow the hounds to take part in a fox hunt with hounds
9.  to pursue or chase relentlessly
10.  to urge on
[Old English hund; related to Old High German hunt, Old Norse hundr, Gothic hunds]

hound2 (haʊnd)
1.  either of a pair of horizontal bars that reinforce the running gear of a horse-drawn vehicle
2.  nautical either of a pair of fore-and-aft braces that serve as supports for a topmast
[C15: of Scandinavian origin; related to Old Norse hūnn knob, cube]

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Word Origin & History

O.E. hund "dog," from P.Gmc. *khundas (cf. Ger. Hund, O.N. hundr, Goth. hunds), from PIE *kuntos, dental enlargement of base *kwon- "dog" (see canine). Meaning narrowed 12c. to "dog used for hunting." The verb sense of "urge on, incite" is first attested 1528, that of "pursue
relentlessly" is first recorded 1605.
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