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2 [roo-ter or, sometimes, root-er]
a person who roots for, supports, or encourages a team or contestant.
a loyal and enthusiastic helper, follower, or supporter.

1885–90; root3 + -er1

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root1 (ruːt)
1.  a.  the organ of a higher plant that anchors the rest of the plant in the ground, absorbs water and mineral salts from the soil, and does not bear leaves or buds
 b.  (loosely) any of the branches of such an organ
2.  any plant part, such as a rhizome or tuber, that is similar to a root in structure, function, or appearance
3.  a.  the essential, fundamental, or primary part or nature of something: your analysis strikes at the root of the problem
 b.  (as modifier): the root cause of the problem
4.  anatomy the embedded portion of a tooth, nail, hair, etc
5.  origin or derivation, esp as a source of growth, vitality, or existence
6.  (plural) a person's sense of belonging in a community, place, etc, esp the one in which he was born or brought up
7.  an ancestor or antecedent
8.  Bible a descendant
9.  Compare stem the form of a word that remains after removal of all affixes; a morpheme with lexical meaning that is not further subdivisible into other morphemes with lexical meaning
10.  maths a number or quantity that when multiplied by itself a certain number of times equals a given number or quantity: 3 is a cube root of 27
11.  maths Also called: solution a number that when substituted for the variable satisfies a given equation: 2 is a root of x³ -- 2x -- 4 = 0
12.  music (in harmony) the note forming the foundation of a chord
13.  slang (Austral), (NZ) sexual intercourse
14.  root and branch Related: radical
 a.  (adverb) entirely; completely; utterly
 b.  (adjective) thorough; radical; complete
15.  (intr) Also: take root to put forth or establish a root and begin to grow
16.  (intr) Also: take root to become established, embedded, or effective
17.  (tr) to fix or embed with or as if with a root or roots
18.  slang (Austral), (NZ) to have sexual intercourse (with)
Related: radical
[Old English rōt, from Old Norse; related to Old English wyrtwort]

root2 (ruːt)
vb (foll by about, around, in etc)
1.  (of a pig) to burrow in or dig up the earth in search of food, using the snout
2.  informal to search vigorously but unsystematically
[C16: changed (through influence of root1) from earlier wroot, from Old English wrōtan; related to Old English wrōt snout, Middle Dutch wrōte mole]

vb (usually foll by for)
informal to give support to (a contestant, team, etc), as by cheering
[C19: perhaps a variant of Scottish rout to make a loud noise, from Old Norse rauta to roar]

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Example sentences
One of the oldest is an oxen-drawn plow called a rooter or bull tongue plow.
Look closely for the red cap and long stalk of the redwood rooter mushroom.
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