1 [skeyp]
Botany. a leafless peduncle rising from the ground.
Zoology. a stemlike part, as the shaft of a feather.
Architecture. the shaft of a column.
Entomology. the stemlike basal segment of the antenna of certain insects.

1595–1605; < Latin scāpus stalk < Doric Greek skâpos, akin to Attic skêptron staff, scepter Unabridged


2 [skeyp]
noun, verb (used with object), verb (used without object), scaped, scaping. Archaic.
Also, 'scape.


a combining form extracted from landscape, denoting “an extensive view, scenery,” or “a picture or representation” of such a view, as specified by the initial element: cityscape; moonscape; seascape. Unabridged
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scape1 (skeɪp)
1.  a leafless stalk in plants that arises from a rosette of leaves and bears one or more flowers
2.  zoology a stalklike part, such as the first segment of an insect's antenna
[C17: from Latin scāpus stem, from (Doric) Greek skapos; see shaft]

scape or 'scape2 (skeɪp)
vb, —n
an archaic word for escape
'scape or 'scape2
vb, —n

suffix forming nouns
indicating a scene or view of something, esp a pictorial representation: seascape
[abstracted from landscape]

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Word Origin & History

"scenery view," 1773, abstracted from landscape (q.v.); as a new comb. element, first attested use is 1796, in prisonscape.

c.1275, aphetic form of escape; frequent in prose till late 17c.
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Example sentences
Engineers must wear scape suits, designed to protect them from the toxic fuel.
Garlic scapes are picked off the plant to increase bulb size, but a scape pesto
  can be the envy of all your friends.
The sound of cell phone conversations has long been part of the ambient noise
  scape common to urban settings.
They are the scape goats for all of the political and domestic instability.
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