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scatter diagram

noun, Statistics.
a graphic representation of bivariate data as a set of points in the plane that have Cartesian coordinates equal to corresponding values of the two variates.
Also called scattergram
[skat-er-gram] /ˈskæt ərˌgræm/ (Show IPA),
[skat-er-graf, -grahf] /ˈskæt ərˌgræf, -ˌgrɑf/ (Show IPA),
[skat-er-plot] /ˈskæt ərˌplɒt/ (Show IPA)
Origin of scatter diagram
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Examples from the web for scatter plot
  • If the two things don't depend on each other, you get a random collection of dots: a scatter plot.
  • They're in totally different regions of the scatter plot.
  • For example, they may be given a scatter plot with data points and asked questions about how a line falls within it.
  • Given k variables, scatter plot matrices are formed by creating k rows and k columns.
  • They will identify the relationships that are presented by the data on the scatter plot.
  • It can be helpful to overlay some type of fitted curve on the scatter plot.
  • Brighter areas in the scatter plot show many counts per bin and correspond to larger areas in the original maps.
  • Show students how to create a scatter plot by clicking on the coordinate plane.
  • scatter plot: a scatter plot is a good screening tool to determine when and where a behavior is likely to occur.
  • Create a scatter plot using the data and coordinate plane above.
British Dictionary definitions for scatter plot

scatter diagram

(statistics) a graph that plots along two axes at right angles to each other the relationship between two variable quantities, such as height and weight
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Contemporary definitions for scatter plot

a two-dimensional graph of two or more variables with them plotted on the Y axis or the X axis to show their relationship(s); also called scattergram , scatter diagram

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