adjective, scratchier, scratchiest.
causing or liable to cause a slight grating noise: a scratchy record.
consisting of or marked by scratches: a scratchy drawing.
uneven; haphazard: He plays a scratchy game.
causing itching or other minor irritation of the skin: a scratchy woolen sweater.
causing or liable to cause a scratch or scratches: scratchy bushes.
Chiefly British Slang. peevish; spiteful.

1700–10; scratch + -y1

scratchily, adverb
scratchiness, noun Unabridged
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scratch (skrætʃ)
vb (often foll by at, out, off, etc) (sometimes foll by out) (sometimes foll by along) (often foll by for)
1.  to mark or cut (the surface of something) with a rough or sharp instrument
2.  to scrape (the surface of something), as with claws, nails, etc
3.  to scrape (the surface of the skin) with the nails, as to relieve itching
4.  to chafe or irritate (a surface, esp the skin)
5.  to make or cause to make a grating sound; scrape
6.  to erase by or as if by scraping
7.  (tr) to write or draw awkwardly
8.  to earn a living, manage, etc, with difficulty
9.  to withdraw (an entry) from a race, match, etc
10.  (intr) billiards, snooker
 a.  to make a shot resulting in a penalty
 b.  to make a lucky shot
11.  (US) (tr) to cancel (the name of a candidate) from a party ticket in an election
12.  informal (Austral) to be struggling or in difficulty, esp in earning a living
13.  to treat (a subject) superficially
14.  you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours if you will help me, I will help you
15.  the act of scratching
16.  a slight injury
17.  a mark made by scratching
18.  a slight grating sound
19.  in a handicap sport
 a.  a competitor or the status of a competitor who has no allowance or receives a penalty
 b.  (as modifier): a scratch player
20.  the time, initial score, etc, of such a competitor
21.  a.  the line from which competitors start in a race
 b.  (formerly) a line drawn on the floor of a prize ring at which the contestants stood to begin or continue fighting
22.  a withdrawn competitor in a race, etc
23.  billiards, snooker
 a.  a shot that results in a penalty, as when the cue ball enters the pocket
 b.  a lucky shot
24.  poultry food
25.  informal from scratch from the very beginning
26.  informal (usually used with a negative) up to scratch up to standard
27.  sport (of a team) assembled hastily
28.  (in a handicap sport) with no allowance or penalty
29.  informal rough or haphazard
[C15: via Old French escrater from Germanic; compare Old High German krazzōn (German kratzen); related to Old French gratter to grate1]

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Example sentences
The article with the scratchy bones does simply not provide evidence for
For those who do not trust their own burning eyes and scratchy throats, other
  sources of information are available.
They are not at all scratchy, though, so can easily be worn over a t-shirt.
Those who had only their own scratchy receivers phoned or wrote in.
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