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[seem] /sim/
the line formed by sewing together pieces of cloth, leather, or the like.
the stitches used to make such a line.
any line formed by abutting edges.
any linear indentation or mark, as a wrinkle or scar.
Knitting. a line of stitches formed by purling.
Geology. a comparatively thin stratum; a bed, as of coal.
verb (used with object)
to join with or as if with stitches; make the seam or seams of.
to furrow; mark with wrinkles, scars, etc.
Knitting. to knit with or in a seam.
verb (used without object)
to become cracked, fissured, or furrowed.
Knitting. to make a line of stitches by purling.
Origin of seam
before 1000; Middle English seme (noun), Old English sēam; cognate with German Saum hem; akin to sew1, Greek hymḗn membrane (see hymen)
Related forms
seamer, noun
underseam, noun Unabridged
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Examples from the web for seams
  • It should have no cemented rubber seams to open up in the warm, moist climate.
  • It seams that it was logical to think about geometrical form of this particle, but this did not happen.
  • It seems waterproof except for the seams and zipper.
  • Finding new seams to replace depleted ones is becoming harder.
  • Pull back the comforter and sheets and look for the fecal stains on the mattress seams and ticking.
  • We tended to find some gaps and seams in things they were doing but still had a difficult time finishing the shot.
  • Carter tore his bag along the seams and placed it on his tray table as a kind of plate.
  • It seams the sensors this article is referring to don't use much power.
  • But there may be a silver lining yet to take shape along the weakened seams of this all-but-empty, high-fashion clutch.
  • Every scene bulges at the celluloid seams with suggestive possibility.
British Dictionary definitions for seams


the line along which pieces of fabric are joined, esp by stitching
a ridge or line made by joining two edges
a stratum of coal, ore, etc
a linear indentation, such as a wrinkle or scar
(surgery) another name for suture (sense 1b)
(modifier) (cricket) of or relating to a style of bowling in which the bowler utilizes the stitched seam round the ball in order to make it swing in flight and after touching the ground: a seam bowler
bursting at the seams, full to overflowing
(Northern English, dialect) in a good seam, doing well, esp financially
(transitive) to join or sew together by or as if by a seam
(US) to make ridges in (knitting) using purl stitch
to mark or become marked with or as if with a seam or wrinkle
Word Origin
Old English; related to Old Norse saumr, Old High German soum
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Word Origin and History for seams



Old English seam "seam, suture, junction," from Proto-Germanic *saumaz (cf. Old Frisian sam "hem, seam," Old Norse saumr, Middle Dutch som, Dutch zoom, Old High German soum, German Saum "hem"), from PIE root *syu- "to sew, to bind" (cf. Old English siwian, Latin suere, Sanskrit syuman; see sew).

Chidynge and reproche ... vnsowen the semes of freendshipe in mannes herte. [Chaucer, "Parson's Tale," c.1386]
Meaning "raised band of stitching on a ball" is recorded from 1888. Geological use is from 1590s.


1580s, from seam (n.). Related: Seamed; seaming.

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seams in Science
A thin layer or stratum, as of coal or rock.
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Related Terms

come apart at the seams

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