[sey-gwey, seg-wey]
verb (used without object), segued, segueing.
to continue at once with the next musical section or composition (often used as a musical direction).
to perform in the manner of the preceding section (used as a musical direction).
to make a transition from one thing to another smoothly and without interruption: The conversation segued from travel anecdotes to food.
an uninterrupted transition made between one musical section or composition and another.
any smooth, uninterrupted transition from one thing to another.

1850–55; < Italian: (there) follows, 3rd person singular present indicative of seguireLatin sequī to follow. See sue Unabridged
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segue (ˈsɛɡweɪ)
vb , segues, segueing, segued
1.  (often foll by into) to proceed from one section or piece of music to another without a break
2.  (imperative) play on without pause: a musical direction
3.  the practice or an instance of playing music in this way
[from Italian: follows, from seguire to follow, from Latin sequī]

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Word Origin & History

1740, an instruction in musical scores, from It. segue, lit. "now follows," meaning to play into the following movement without a break, third person sing. of seguire "to follow," from L. sequi "to follow," from PIE *sekw- "to follow" (see sequel). Extended noun sense of
"transition without a break" is from 1937; the verb in this sense is first recorded 1958.
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Example sentences
Kristin then segued into posting sticky notes on the butcher paper.
The potato, in turn, was mostly abandoned in favor of wheat when production segued from family pots to factory column stills.
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