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shear (ʃɪə)
vb (often foll by of) (when intr, foll by through) , (Austral), (NZ) shears, shearing, sheared, shore, sheared, shorn
1.  (tr) to remove (the fleece or hair) of (sheep, etc) by cutting or clipping
2.  to cut or cut through (something) with shears or a sharp instrument
3.  engineering to cause (a part, member, shaft, etc) to deform or fracture or (of a part, etc) to deform or fracture as a result of excess torsion or transverse load
4.  to strip or divest: to shear someone of his power
5.  to move through (something) by or as if by cutting
6.  (Scot) to reap (corn, etc) with a scythe or sickle
7.  the act, process, or an instance of shearing
8.  a shearing of a sheep or flock of sheep, esp when referred to as an indication of age: a sheep of two shears
9.  a form of deformation or fracture in which parallel planes in a body or assembly slide over one another
10.  physics the deformation of a body, part, etc, expressed as the lateral displacement between two points in parallel planes divided by the distance between the planes
11.  either one of the blades of a pair of shears, scissors, etc
12.  a machine that cuts sheet material by passing a knife blade through it
13.  a device for lifting heavy loads consisting of a tackle supported by a framework held steady by guy ropes
[Old English sceran; related to Old Norse skera to cut, Old Saxon, Old High German skeran to shear; see share²]

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