a piece cut or torn off, especially in a narrow strip.
a bit; scrap: We haven't got a shred of evidence.
verb (used with object), shredded or shred, shredding.
to cut or tear into small pieces, especially small strips; reduce to shreds.
verb (used without object), shredded or shred, shredding.
to be cut up, torn, etc.: The blouse had shredded.

before 1000; (noun) Middle English schrede, Old English scrēade; cognate with Old Norse skrjōthr worn-out book, German Schrot chips; (v.) Middle English schreden, Old English scrēadian to pare, trim; akin to shroud; cf. screed

shredless, adjective
shredlike, adjective
unshredded, adjective Unabridged
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shred (ʃrɛd)
1.  a long narrow strip or fragment torn or cut off
2.  a very small piece or amount; scrap
vb , shreds, shredding, shredded, shred
3.  (tr) to tear or cut into shreds
[Old English scread; related to Old Norse skrjōthr torn-up book, Old High German scrōt cut-off piece; see scroll, shroud, screed]

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Word Origin & History

O.E. screade "piece cut off," from W.Gmc. *skraudas (cf. M.L.G. schrot "piece cut off," O.H.G. scrot, "a cutting, piece cut off," Ger. Schrot "small shot," O.N. skrydda "shriveled skin"), from PIE base *skreu- "to cut, cutting tool" (cf. L. scrutari "to search, examine," from scruta "trash, frippery;"
O.E. scrud "dress, garment;" see shroud). The verb is from O.E. screadian "prune, cut" (cf. M.Du. scroden, Du. schroeien, O.H.G. scrotan, Ger. schroten "to shred"). Shredded wheat is recorded fron 1899; shredder in the paper disposal sense is from 1950.
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Example sentences
Peel the potato and shred it into long strands onto a clean tea towel.
There is no shred of observational evidence that what this article tries to
  sell has any merit whatsoever.
If you have a strong, large-capacity bagging mower, you can use it to pick up
  and shred leaves.
Shred pre-approved credit-card offers before tossing them in the garbage.
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