a past participle of shrink.

unshrunken, adjective Unabridged


verb (used without object), shrank or, often shrunk; shrunk or shrunken; shrinking.
to draw back, as in retreat or avoidance: to shrink from danger; to shrink from contact.
to contract or lessen in size, as from exposure to conditions of temperature or moisture: This cloth will not shrink if washed in lukewarm water.
to become reduced in extent or compass.
verb (used with object), shrank or, often shrunk; shrunk or shrunken; shrinking.
to cause to shrink or contract; reduce.
Textiles. to cause (a fabric) to contract during finishing, thus preventing shrinkage, during laundering, of the garments made from it.
an act or instance of shrinking.
a shrinking movement.
Also, shrinker. Also called head shrinker. Slang. a psychotherapist, psychiatrist, or psychoanalyst.

before 900; 1955–60 for def 9; Middle English schrinken, Old English scrincan; cognate with Middle Dutch schrinken, Swedish skrynka to shrink, Norwegian skrukka old shrunken woman

shrinkable, adjective
shrinkingly, adverb
nonshrinkable, adjective
nonshrinking, adjective
nonshrinkingly, adverb
overshrink, verb, overshrank or, often overshrunk; overshrunk or overshrunken; overshrinking.
unshrinkable, adjective
unshrinking, adjective
unshrinkingly, adverb

1. withdraw, recoil, quail. See wince1. 3. See decrease.

3. increase. Unabridged
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World English Dictionary
shrink (ʃrɪŋk)
vb (often foll by from) , shrinks, shrinking, shrank, shrunk, shrunk, shrunken
1.  to contract or cause to contract as from wetness, heat, cold, etc
2.  to become or cause to become smaller in size
3.  a.  to recoil or withdraw: to shrink from the sight of blood
 b.  to feel great reluctance (at): to shrink from killing an animal
4.  the act or an instance of shrinking
5.  slang a psychiatrist
[Old English scrincan; related to Old Norse skrokkr torso, Old Swedish skrunkin wrinkled, Old Norse hrukka a crease, Icelandic skrukka wrinkled woman]

shrunken (ˈʃrʌŋkən)
1.  a past participle of shrink
2.  (usually prenominal) reduced in size: a shrunken head

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Word Origin & History

O.E. scrincan (class III strong verb; past tense scranc, pp. scruncen), from P.Gmc. *skrenkanan (cf. M.Du. schrinken), probably from PIE base *(s)ker- "to turn, bend." Originally with causal shrench (cf. drink/drench). The meaning "draw back, recoil" (c.1300) perhaps was suggested by the behavior of
snails. The slang sense of "psychiatrist" is first recorded 1966, from head-shrinker (1950). Shrink-wrap is attested from 1961.
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Example sentences
Every one sees his smart coat, no one sees his shrunken belly.
Now the lake is a shrunken puddle of its former self.
Scans revealed that the mummies' original eyes, though shrunken, had survived
  behind the prosthetic versions.
But his weak health was symptomatic of the shrunken gene pool of the
  captive-bred tigers.
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