1 [sik]
verb (used with object), sicked or sicced [sikt] , sicking or siccing.
to attack (used especially in commanding a dog): Sic 'em!
to incite to attack (usually followed by on ).
Also, sick.

1835–45; variant of seek Unabridged


2 [sik]
verb (used with object)
sic1. Unabridged
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World English Dictionary
sic1 (sɪk)
so or thus: inserted in brackets in a written or printed text to indicate that an odd or questionable reading is what was actually written or printed

sic2 (sɪk)
vb , sics, sicking, sicked
1.  to turn on or attack: used only in commands, as to a dog
2.  to urge (a dog) to attack
[C19: dialect variant of seek]

sic3 (sɪk)
determiner, —adv
a Scot word for such

sick1 (sɪk)
1.  inclined or likely to vomit
2.  a.  suffering from ill health
 b.  (as collective noun; preceded by the): the sick
3.  a.  of, relating to, or used by people who are unwell: sick benefits
 b.  (in combination): sickroom
4.  deeply affected with a mental or spiritual feeling akin to physical sickness: sick at heart
5.  mentally, psychologically, or spiritually disturbed
6.  informal delighting in or catering for the macabre or sadistic; morbid: sick humour
7.  informal (often foll by of) Also: sick and tired disgusted or weary, esp because satiated: I am sick of his everlasting laughter
8.  (often foll by for) weary with longing; pining: I am sick for my own country
9.  pallid or sickly
10.  not in working order
11.  (of land) unfit for the adequate production of certain crops
12.  slang look sick to be outclassed
n, —vb
13.  an informal word for vomit
[Old English sēoc; related to Old Norse skjūkr, Gothic siuks, Old High German sioh]

sick2 (sɪk)
a variant spelling of sic

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Word Origin & History

1887, insertion in printed quotation to call attention to error in the original, from L. sic "so, thus," related to si "if," from PIE base *so- "this, that" (cf. O.E. sio "she").

"set upon" (sick him!), 1845, dialectal variant of seek.

"unwell," O.E. seoc, from P.Gmc. *seukaz, of uncertain origin. The general Gmc. word (cf. O.N. sjukr, Dan. syg, O.S. siok, O.Fris. siak, M.Du. siec, O.H.G. sioh, Goth. siuks "sick, ill"), but in Ger. and Du. displaced by krank "weak, slim," probably originally with a sense of "twisted, bent" (see
crank). Meaning "having an inclination to vomit" is from 1614; sense of "tired or weary (of something)" is from 1597; phrase sick and tired of is attested from 1783. Meaning "mentally twisted" is from 1551 (though sense of "spiritually or morally corrupt" was in O.E.), revived 1955. Sick joke is from 1959; sicko (n.) is from 1977. Sickening "causing revulsion" is first recorded 1789. The noun meaning "those who are sick" was in O.E. Sickness is O.E. seocnesse; sickly "ailing" is recorded from c.1350.
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Medical Dictionary

sick (sĭk)
adj. sick·er, sick·est

  1. Suffering from or affected with a disease or disorder.

  2. Of or for sick persons.

  3. Nauseated.

  4. Mentally ill or disturbed.

  5. Constituting an unhealthy environment for those working or residing within, as of a building.

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Cultural Dictionary

sic definition

A Latin word for “thus,” used to indicate that an apparent error is part of quoted material and not an editorial mistake: “The learned geographer asserts that ‘the capital of the United States is Washingtown [sic].’”

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standard industry classification
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