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[smeer] /smɪər/
verb (used with object)
to spread or daub (an oily, greasy, viscous, or wet substance) on or over something:
to smear butter on bread.
to spread or daub an oily, greasy, viscous, or wet substance on:
to smear bread with butter.
to stain, spot, or make dirty with something oily, greasy, viscous, or wet.
to sully, vilify, or soil (a reputation, good name, etc.).
to smudge or blur, as by rubbing:
The signature was smeared.
Slang. to defeat decisively; overwhelm:
They smeared the home team.
an oily, greasy, viscous, or wet substance, especially a dab of such a substance.
a stain, spot, or mark made by such a substance.
a smudge.
something smeared or to be smeared on a thing, as a glaze for pottery.
a small quantity of something spread thinly on a slide for microscopic examination.
a smear by a cheap gossip columnist.
before 900; (v.) Middle English smeren, smirien to rub with fat, anoint, Old English smirian, smerian, smerwan; cognate with Dutch smeren, German schmieren, Old Norse smyrja, smyrwa; (noun) in current senses derivative of the v.; compare obsolete smear fat, grease, ointment, Middle English smere, Old English smeoru, cognate with Dutch smear, German Schmer, Old Norse smjǫr grease, Greek smýris rubbing powder; see emery
Related forms
smearer, noun
unsmeared, adjective Unabridged
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Examples from the web for smeared
  • The angle of the sun makes the world of summer another way entirely: smeared across the afternoon, vibrating.
  • The nurse's lipstick has smeared beyond the boundaries of her lips.
  • Sky writing that has spread and smeared after a half hour due to winds.
  • The space is paint-smeared because he cleans his palette knife on the walls.
  • Animals are slaughtered still, incense burned, and the trees smeared with butter the better to appeal for fertility or fortune.
  • It was a horrendous job-for instance, the bodice had been glued to the wax torso and then partly smeared with more wax.
  • Surfaces are aqueous and furious, splattered and smeared.
  • The past is kind of smeared all over them-this is our window.
  • To begin with, the difference between comic book subgenres has long been smeared into a smooth gradient.
  • The makeup was smeared on faces to resemble battlefield camouflage and war wounds.
British Dictionary definitions for smeared


verb (mainly transitive)
to bedaub or cover with oil, grease, etc
to rub over or apply thickly
to rub so as to produce a smudge
to slander
(US, slang) to defeat completely
(intransitive) to be or become smeared or dirtied
a dirty mark or smudge
  1. a slanderous attack
  2. (as modifier): smear tactics
a preparation of blood, secretions, etc, smeared onto a glass slide for examination under a microscope
Derived Forms
smearer, noun
Word Origin
Old English smeoru (n); related to Old Norse smjör fat, Old High German smero, Greek muron ointment
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Word Origin and History for smeared



Old English smerian, smierwan "to anoint or rub with grease, oil, etc.," from Proto-Germanic *smerwjan "to spread grease on" (cf. Old Norse smyrja "to anoint, rub with ointment," Danish smøre, Swedish smörja, Dutch smeren, Old High German smirwen "apply salve, smear," German schmieren "to smear;" Old Norse smör "butter"), from PIE *smeru- "grease" (cf. Greek myron "unguent, balsam," Old Irish smi(u)r "marrow," Old English smeoru "fat, grease, ointment, tallow, lard, suet," Lithuanian smarsas "fat").

Figurative sense of "assault a public reputation with unsubstantiated charges" is from 1879. Related: Smeared; smearing. Smear-word, one used regardless of its literal meaning but invested with invective, is from 1938.


"mark or stain left by smearing," 1610s, from smear (v.). Sense of "small quantity prepared for microscopic examination" is from 1903. Meaning "a quantity of cream cheese, etc., smeared on a bagel" is by 1999, from Yiddish shmir. The earliest noun sense in English is "fat, grease, ointment" (c.1200), from Old English had smeoru "fat, grease," cognate with Middle Dutch smere, Dutch smeer, German Schmer "grease, fat" (Yiddish schmir), Danish smør, Swedish smör "butter."

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smeared in Medicine

smear (smēr)
A sample, as of blood or bacterial cells, spread thinly on a slide and usually stained for microscopic examination or applied to the surface of a culture medium.

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Slang definitions & phrases for smeared



Excellent; wonderful • Still chiefly British: I told her she had a smashing figure (1911+)


noun phrase
  1. A particularly violent sort of football: Smash-mouth was their type of game
  2. Aggression; a condition of confrontation (1990s+)

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