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  1. n.
    someone who “cleans” ill-gotten money by buying cashier's checks at banks and shifting funds from place to place, often in small transactions. (Underworld. From the name of a type of cartoon character. See also greenwash, launder.) : I think the guy at the first window is a smurf. He's in here twice a week with $9,500 in cash each time.
  2. tv. & in.
    to shift illicit money from place to place to conceal its origin, often in small transactions. (Underworld.) : I smurfed a fortune for a famous drug kingpin and got fourteen years up the river—with some very interesting people.
Dictionary of American Slang and Colloquial Expressions by Richard A. Spears.Fourth Edition.
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smurf definition

/smerf/ (From the news:soc.motss Usenet newsgroup, after some obnoxiously gooey cartoon characters) A newsgroup regular with a habitual style that is irreverent, silly, and cute. Like many other hackish terms for people, this one may be praise or insult depending on who uses it. In general, being referred to as a smurf is probably not going to make your day unless you've previously adopted the label yourself in a spirit of irony.
Compare old fart.
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