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sort (sɔːt)
1.  a class, group, kind, etc, as distinguished by some common quality or characteristic
2.  informal type of character, nature, etc: he's a good sort
3.  a more or less definable or adequate example: it's a sort of review
4.  (often plural) printing any of the individual characters making up a fount of type
5.  archaic manner; way: in this sort we struggled home
6.  after a sort to some extent
7.  of sorts, of a sort
 a.  of an inferior kind
 b.  of an indefinite kind
8.  out of sorts not in normal good health, temper, etc
9.  informal sort of
 a.  (adverb) in some way or other; as it were; rather
 b.  (sentence substitute) used to express reservation or qualified assent: I’m only joking. Sort of
vb (foll by with)
10.  (tr) to arrange according to class, type, etc
11.  (tr) to put (something) into working order
12.  (tr) to arrange (computer information) by machine in an order convenient to the computer user
13.  informal to supply, esp with drugs
14.  archaic, dialect or (intr; foll by with, together, etc) to associate, as on friendly terms
15.  archaic (intr) to agree; accord
[C14: from Old French, from Medieval Latin sors kind, from Latin: fate]

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Word Origin & History

c.1380, from O.Fr. sorte "class, kind," from L. sortem (nom. sors) "lot, fate, share, portion, rank, category," from PIE base *ser- "to line up" (cf. L. serere "to arrange, attach, join;" see series). The sense evolution in V.L. is from "what is allotted to one by fate,"
to "fortune, condition," to "rank, class, order." Out of sorts "not in usual good condition" is attested from 1621, with lit. sense of "out of stock."

1358, "to arrange according to type or quality," from O.Fr. sortir "allot, sort, assort," from L. sortiri "draw lots, divide, choose," from sors (see sort (n.)). In some senses, the verb is a shortened form of assort.
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Example sentences
And that so much of my job is to impose some sort of order, or make some sort
  of sense of it.
Both discuss how a sort of algorithm revolution is changing online dating.
Literary translation is an odd sort of art, if it can be called an art at all.
It's that sort of behavior that has earned them such enmity.
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