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stab (stæb)
vb (when intr, often foll by at) , stabs, stabbing, stabbed
1.  (tr) to pierce or injure with a sharp pointed instrument
2.  (tr) (of a sharp pointed instrument) to pierce or wound: the knife stabbed her hand
3.  to make a thrust (at); jab: he stabbed at the doorway
4.  (tr) to inflict with a sharp pain
5.  stab in the back
 a.  (verb) to do damage to the reputation of (a person, esp a friend) in a surreptitious way
 b.  (noun) a treacherous action or remark that causes the downfall of or injury to a person
6.  the act or an instance of stabbing
7.  an injury or rift made by stabbing
8.  a sudden sensation, esp an unpleasant one: a stab of pity
9.  informal an attempt (esp in the phrase make a stab at)
[C14: from stabbe stab wound; probably related to Middle English stob stick]

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