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stand (stænd)
vb , stands, standing, stood
1.  (also tr) to be or cause to be in an erect or upright position
2.  to rise to, assume, or maintain an upright position
3.  (copula) to have a specified height when standing: to stand six feet
4.  to be situated or located: the house stands in the square
5.  to be or exist in a specified state or condition: to stand in awe of someone
6.  to adopt or remain in a resolute position or attitude
7.  (may take an infinitive) to be in a specified position: I stand to lose money in this venture; he stands high in the president's favour
8.  to remain in force or continue in effect: whatever the difficulties, my orders stand
9.  to come to a stop or halt, esp temporarily
10.  (of water, etc) to collect and remain without flowing
11.  (often foll by at) (of a score, account, etc) to indicate the specified position of the parties involved: the score stands at 20 to 1
12.  (also tr; when intr, foll by for) to tolerate or bear: I won't stand for your nonsense any longer; I can't stand spiders
13.  (tr) to resist; survive: to stand the test of time
14.  (tr) to submit to: to stand trial
15.  chiefly (Brit) (often foll by for) to be or become a candidate: will he stand for Parliament?
16.  to navigate in a specified direction: we were standing for Madeira when the storm broke
17.  (of a gun dog) to point at game
18.  to halt, esp to give action, repel attack, or disrupt an enemy advance when retreating
19.  (of a male domestic animal, esp a stallion) to be available as a stud
20.  (also tr) printing to keep (type that has been set) or (of such type) to be kept, for possible use in future printings
21.  informal (tr) to bear the cost of; pay for: to stand someone a drink
22.  stand a chance to have a hope or likelihood of winning, succeeding, etc
23.  stand fast to maintain one's position firmly
24.  stand one's ground to maintain a stance or position in the face of opposition
25.  stand still
 a.  to remain motionless
 b.  (US) (foll by for) to tolerate: I won't stand still for your threats
26.  informal (Irish) stand to someone to be useful to someone: your knowledge of English will stand to you
27.  the act or an instance of standing
28.  an opinion, esp a resolutely held one: he took a stand on capital punishment
29.  a halt or standstill
30.  a place where a person or thing stands
31.  (Austral), (NZ)
 a.  a position on the floor of a shearing shed allocated to one shearer
 b.  the shearing equipment belonging to such a position
32.  a structure, usually of wood, on which people can sit or stand
33.  a frame or rack on which such articles as coats and hats may be hung
34.  a small table or piece of furniture where articles may be placed or stored: a music stand
35.  a supporting framework, esp for a tool or instrument
36.  a stall, booth, or counter from which goods may be sold
37.  an exhibition area in a trade fair
38.  a halt to give action, etc, esp one taken during a retreat and having some duration or some success
39.  cricket an extended period at the wicket by two batsmen
40.  a growth of plants in a particular area, esp trees in a forest or a crop in a field
41.  a stop made by a touring theatrical company, pop group, etc, to give a performance (esp in the phrase one-night stand)
42.  (South African) a plot or site earmarked for the erection of a building
43.  (of a gun dog) the act of pointing at game
44.  a complete set, esp of arms or armour for one man
45.  military the flags of a regiment
[Old English standan; related to Old Norse standa, Old High German stantan, Latin stāre to stand; see stead]

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