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[stur-juh n] /ˈstɜr dʒən/
noun, plural (especially collectively) sturgeon (especially referring to two or more kinds or species) sturgeons.
any of various large fishes of the family Acipenseridae, inhabiting fresh and salt North Temperate waters, valued for their flesh and as a source of caviar and isinglass: A. brevirostrum, of the Atlantic coast, is endangered.
1250-1300; Middle English < Anglo-French, Old French esturgeon < Germanic; compare Old English styria, Old High German sturio (German Stör), Old Norse styrja


[stur-juh n] /ˈstɜr dʒən/
Theodore (Hamilton) 1918–85, U.S. science-fiction writer. Unabridged
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Examples for sturgeon
  • Paddlefish, a sturgeon cousin, is also farmed in increasing numbers.
British Dictionary definitions for sturgeon


any primitive bony fish of the family Acipenseridae, of temperate waters of the N hemisphere, having an elongated snout and rows of spines along the body: valued as a source of caviar and isinglass
Word Origin
C13: from Old French estourgeon, of Germanic origin; related to Old English styria, Old High German sturio
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Word Origin and History for sturgeon
c.1300, from Anglo-Fr. sturgeon, from O.Fr. esturjon, from a Gmc. source (cf. O.H.G. sturio "sturgeon," O.E. styria), from P.Gmc. *sturjon-; cognate with Lith. ersketras, Rus. osetr "sturgeon." Of obscure origin, perhaps from a lost pre-IE northern European language, or from the root of stir. M.L. sturio, It. storione, Sp. esturion are Gmc. loan-words.
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