somewhat sweet.

1570–80; sweet + -ish1

sweetishly, adverb
sweetishness, noun
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sweet (swiːt)
1.  having or denoting a pleasant taste like that of sugar
2.  agreeable to the senses or the mind: sweet music
3.  having pleasant manners; gentle: a sweet child
4.  (of wine, etc) having a relatively high sugar content; not dry
5.  (of foods) not decaying or rancid: sweet milk
6.  not salty: sweet water
7.  free from unpleasant odours: sweet air
8.  containing no corrosive substances: sweet soil
9.  (of petrol) containing no sulphur compounds
10.  sentimental or unrealistic
11.  individual; particular: the electorate went its own sweet way
12.  jazz performed with a regular beat, with the emphasis on clearly outlined melody and little improvisation
13.  slang (Austral) satisfactory or in order; all right
14.  archaic respected; dear (used in polite forms of address): sweet sir
15.  smooth and precise; perfectly executed: a sweet shot
16.  sweet on fond of or infatuated with
17.  keep someone sweet to ingratiate oneself in order to ensure cooperation
18.  informal in a sweet manner
19.  a sweet taste or smell; sweetness in general
20.  (Brit) (often plural) any of numerous kinds of confectionery consisting wholly or partly of sugar, esp of sugar boiled and crystallized (boiled sweets)
21.  (Brit) a pudding, fruit, or any sweet dish served as a dessert
22.  dear; sweetheart (used as a form of address)
23.  anything that is sweet
24.  (often plural) a pleasurable experience, state, etc: the sweets of success
25.  (US) See sweet potato
[Old English swēte; related to Old Saxon swōti, Old High German suozi, Old Norse sœtr, Latin suādus persuasive, suāvis sweet, Greek hēdus, Sanskrit svādu; see persuade, suave]

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Example sentences
It is sweetish and gloppy and a first cousin of dog food.
If you have a large number of bedbugs, there may be a sweetish odor, although
  this is not always easy to smell.
It has a sweetish smell and readily mixes with water.
Phosphate odors are more sweetish and interesting, and nitric acid is more edgy
  and biting.
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