tip over


2 [tip]
verb (used with object), tipped, tipping.
to cause to assume a slanting or sloping position; incline; tilt.
to overturn, upset, or overthrow (often followed by over ).
to remove or lift (one's hat or cap) in salutation.
British. to dispose of by dumping: The dustmen tipped the rubbish on the municipal dump.
verb (used without object), tipped, tipping.
to assume a slanting or sloping position; incline.
to tilt up at one end and down at the other; slant.
to be overturned or upset: The car tipped into the ditch.
to tumble or topple (usually followed by over ): The lamp on the table tipped over.
the act of tipping.
the state of being tipped.
a dump for refuse, as that from a mine.
Informal. an untidy place, especially a room: They must have packed and left in a rush, because the place is an absolute tip.
tip one's hand, to reveal one's plans, true feelings, etc., often unintentionally.

1300–50; earlier tipen, Middle English typen to upset, overturn

tippable, adjective
untippable, adjective
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tip1 (tɪp)
1.  the extreme end of something, esp a narrow or pointed end
2.  the top or summit
3.  a small piece forming an extremity or end: a metal tip on a cane
vb , tips, tipping, tipped
4.  to adorn or mark the tip of
5.  to cause to form a tip
[C15: from Old Norse typpa; related to Middle Low German, Middle Dutch tip]

tip2 (tɪp)
vb (usually foll by over or up) , tips, tipping, tipped
1.  to tilt or cause to tilt
2.  to tilt or cause to tilt, so as to overturn or fall
3.  (Brit) to dump (rubbish, etc)
4.  tip one's hat to take off, raise, or touch one's hat in salutation
5.  the act of tipping or the state of being tipped
6.  (Brit) a dump for refuse, etc
[C14: of uncertain origin; related to top1, topple]

tip3 (tɪp)
1.  a payment given for services in excess of the standard charge; gratuity
2.  a helpful hint, warning, or other piece of information
3.  a piece of inside information, esp in betting or investing
vb , tips, tipping, tipped
4.  to give a tip to (a person)
[C18: perhaps from tip4]

tip4 (tɪp)
vb , tips, tipping, tipped
1.  to hit or strike lightly
2.  to hit (a ball) indirectly so that it glances off the bat in cricket
3.  a light blow
4.  a glancing hit in cricket
[C13: perhaps from Low German tippen]

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Word Origin & History

"to slope, overturn," c.1300, possibly from Scand., or a special use of tip (n.). Intransitive sense of "fall over" is recorded from 1530.

"end, point, top," early 13c., from M.L.G. or M.Du. tip "utmost point, extremity, tip" (cf. Ger. zipfel, a dim. formation); perhaps cognate with O.E. tæppa "stopper" (see tap (n.)), from P.Gmc. *tupp- "upper extremity." Tip-toe (n.) is late 14c.; tip-top is from 1702.

"give a small present of money to," 1610, "to give, hand, pass," originally thieves' cant, perhaps from tip (v.3) "to tap." The meaning "give a gratuity to" is first attested 1706. The noun in this sense is from 1755; the meaning "piece of confidential information" is from 1845;
the verb in this sense is from 1883; tipster first recorded 1862.

"light, sharp blow or tap," c.1466, possibly from Low Ger. tippen "to poke, touch lightly," related to M.L.G. tip "end, point," and thus connected to tip (n.); or else connected with tap (v.) "to strike lightly." The noun in this sense is attested from 1567.
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