2 [toh]
the fiber of flax, hemp, or jute prepared for spinning by scutching.
the shorter, less desirable flax fibers separated from line fibers in hackling.
synthetic filaments prior to spinning.
made of tow.

1300–50; Middle English; Old English tōw- (in tōwlīc pertaining to thread, tōwhūs spinning house); akin to Old Norse wool Unabridged
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tow1 (təʊ)
1.  (tr) to pull or drag (a vehicle, boat, etc), esp by means of a rope or cable
2.  the act or an instance of towing
3.  the state of being towed (esp in the phrases in tow, under tow, on tow)
4.  something towed
5.  something used for towing
6.  in tow in one's charge or under one's influence
7.  informal (in motor racing, etc) the act of taking advantage of the slipstream of another car (esp in the phrase get a tow)
8.  short for ski tow
[Old English togian; related to Old Frisian togia, Old Norse toga, Old High German zogōn]

tow2 (təʊ)
1.  the fibres of hemp, flax, jute, etc, in the scutched state
2.  synthetic fibres preparatory to spinning
3.  the coarser fibres discarded after combing
[Old English tōw; related to Old Saxon tou, Old Norse tuft of wool, Dutch touwen to spin]

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Word Origin & History

"pull with a rope," O.E. togian "to drag, pull," from P.Gmc. *tugojanan (cf. O.E. teon "to draw," O.Fris. togia "to pull about," O.N. toga, O.H.G. zogon, Ger. ziehen "to draw, pull, drag"), from PIE base *deuk- "to pull, draw" (cf. L. ducere "to lead;" see duke). The noun meaning
"act or fact of being towed" is recorded from 1622. Towaway, in ref. to parking zones, is recorded from 1956.

"coarse, broken fibers of flax, hemp, etc.," late 14c., probably from O.E. tow- "spinning" (in towlic "fit for spinning"), perhaps cognate with Gothic taujan "to do, make," M.Du. touwen "to knit, weave." Tow-head, in ref. to tousled blond hair, is recorded from 1830.
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Bible Dictionary

Tow definition

(Judg. 16:9). See FLAX.

Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary
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