Tram meller


Usually, trammels. a hindrance or impediment to free action; restraint: the trammels of custom.
an instrument for drawing ellipses.
Also called tram. a device used to align or adjust parts of a machine.
a fowling net.
a contrivance hung in a fireplace to support pots or kettles over the fire.
a fetter or shackle, especially one used in training a horse to amble.
verb (used with object), trammeled, trammeling or (especially British) trammelled, trammelling.
to involve or hold in trammels; restrain.
to catch or entangle in or as in a net.

1325–75; Middle English tramayle < Middle French tramail, variant of tremail three-mesh net < Late Latin trēmaculum, equivalent to Latin trē(s) three + macula mesh

trammeler; especially British, trammeller, noun
untrammeled, adjective
untrammelled, adjective

1. drag, hobble, curb, inhibition. 8. hinder, impede, obstruct, encumber. Unabridged
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trammel (ˈtræməl)
1.  (often plural) a hindrance to free action or movement
2.  Also called: trammel net a fishing net in three sections, the two outer nets having a large mesh and the middle one a fine mesh
3.  rare a fowling net
4.  (US) a fetter or shackle, esp one used in teaching a horse to amble
5.  a device for drawing ellipses consisting of a flat sheet of metal, plastic, or wood having a cruciform slot in which run two pegs attached to a beam. The free end of the beam describes an ellipse
6.  (sometimes plural) another name for beam compass
7.  Also called: tram a gauge for setting up machines correctly
8.  a device set in a fireplace to support cooking pots
vb , -els, -elling, -elled, -els, -eling, -eled
9.  to hinder or restrain
10.  to catch or ensnare
11.  to produce an accurate setting of (a machine adjustment), as with a trammel
[C14: from Old French tramail three-mesh net, from Late Latin trēmaculum, from Latin trēs three + macula hole, mesh in a net]

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Word Origin & History

mid-14c. (implied in trammeller) "net to catch fish," from M.Fr. tramail, from O.Fr. (c.1220), from L.L. tremaculum, perhaps meaning "a net made from three layers of meshes," from L. tri- "three" + macula "a mesh" (see mail (2)). It. tramaglio, Sp. trasmallo are Fr. loan-words.
The verb is attested from 1530s, originally "to bind up (a corpse);" sense of "hinder, restrain" is from 1727.
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