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trumpet (ˈtrʌmpɪt)
1.  a valved brass instrument of brilliant tone consisting of a narrow tube of cylindrical bore ending in a flared bell, normally pitched in B flat. Range: two and a half octaves upwards from F sharp on the fourth line of the bass staff
2.  any instrument consisting of a valveless tube ending in a bell, esp a straight instrument used for fanfares, signals, etc
3.  a person who plays a trumpet in an orchestra
4.  a loud sound such as that of a trumpet, esp when made by an animal: the trumpet of the elephants
5.  an eight-foot reed stop on an organ
6.  something resembling a trumpet in shape, esp in having a flared bell
7.  short for ear trumpet
8.  blow one's own trumpet to boast about oneself; brag
vb , -pets, -peting, -peted
9.  to proclaim or sound loudly
[C13: from Old French trompette a little trump²]

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