any of various oleoresins derived from coniferous trees, especially the longleaf pine, Pinus palustris, and yielding a volatile oil and a resin when distilled.
Also called Chian turpentine. an oleoresin exuded by the terebinth, Pistacia terebinthus.
verb (used with object), turpentined, turpentining.
to treat with turpentine; apply turpentine to.
to gather or take crude turpentine from (trees).

1275–1325; late Middle English, alteration of Middle English ter(e)bentyn(e) < Medieval Latin ter(e)bentīna, for Latin terebinthīna, noun use of feminine of terebinthīnus of the turpentine tree, equivalent to terebinth(us) turpentine tree (< Greek terébinthos) + -īnus -ine1

turpentinic [tur-puhn-tin-ik] , turpentinous [tur-puhn-tin-uhs, tahy-nuhs] , turpentiny [tur-puhn-tahy-nee] , adjective
unturpentined, adjective
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turpentine (ˈtɜːpənˌtaɪn)
1.  Also called: gum turpentine any of various viscous oleoresins obtained from various coniferous trees, esp from the longleaf pine, and used as the main source of commercial turpentine
2.  a brownish-yellow sticky viscous oleoresin that exudes from the terebinth tree
3.  oil of turpentine, Also called: spirits of turpentine, Sometimes (esp Brit) shortened to: turps a colourless flammable volatile liquid with a pungent odour, distilled from turpentine oleoresin. It is an essential oil containing a mixture of terpenes and is used as a solvent for paints and in medicine as a rubefacient and expectorant
4.  (not in technical usage) turpentine substitute, Also called: white spirit any one of a number of thinners for paints and varnishes, consisting of fractions of petroleumRelated: terebinthine
5.  to treat or saturate with turpentine
6.  to extract crude turpentine from (trees)
Related: terebinthine
[C14 terebentyne, from Medieval Latin terbentīna, from Latin terebinthīna turpentine, from terebinthus the turpentine tree, terebinth]

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Word Origin & History

1322, terbentyn, from O.Fr. terebinte, from L. terebintha resina "resin of the terebinth tree," from Gk. rhetine terebinthe, from fem. of terebinthos, earlier terminthos "terebinth tree," probably from a non-I.E. language. By 16c. applied generally to resins from fir trees.
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turpentine   (tûr'pən-tīn')  Pronunciation Key 
  1. A thin, easily vaporized oil that is distilled from the wood or resin of certain pine trees. It is used as a paint thinner and solvent. Chemical formula: C10H16.

  2. The sticky mixture of resin and oil from which this oil is distilled.

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