un borrowing


[bor-oh-ing, bawr-]
the act of one who borrows.
the process by which something, as a word or custom, is adopted or absorbed.
the result of such a process; something borrowed, as a foreign word or phrase or a custom.

1350–1400; Middle English; see borrow, -ing1

nonborrowing, adjective
preborrowing, noun
unborrowing, adjective
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Word Origin & History

O.E. borgian "to lend, be surety for," from P.Gmc. *borg "pledge," from PIE *bhergh- "to hide, protect" (see bury). Sense shifted in O.E. to "borrow," apparently on the notion of collateral deposited as security for something borrowed. Cf. O.E. borg "pledge, security, bail,
debt," O.N. borga "to become bail for, guarantee," M.Du. borghen "to protect, guarantee," O.H.G. boragen "to beware of," Ger. borgen "to borrow; to lend."
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