un chapped


1 [chap]
verb (used with object), chapped, chapping.
to crack, roughen, and redden (the skin): The windy, cold weather chapped her lips.
to cause (the ground, wood, etc.) to split, crack, or open in clefts: The summer heat and drought chapped the riverbank.
verb (used without object), chapped, chapping.
to become chapped.
a fissure or crack, especially in the skin.
Scot. a knock; rap.

1275–1325; Middle English chappen; cognate with Dutch kappen to cut; akin to chip1

unchapped, adjective
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chap1 (tʃæp)
vb , chaps, chapping, chapped
1.  (of the skin) to make or become raw and cracked, esp by exposure to cold
2.  (Scot) (of a clock) to strike (the hour)
3.  (Scot) to knock (at a door, window, etc)
4.  (usually plural) a cracked or sore patch on the skin caused by chapping
5.  (Scot) a knock
[C14: probably of Germanic origin; compare Middle Dutch, German kappen to chop off]

chap2 (tʃæp)
informal a man or boy; fellow
[C16 (in the sense: buyer): shortened from chapman]

chap3 (tʃɒp, tʃæp)
a less common word for chop

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Word Origin & History

1577, "customer," short for obsolete chapman (see cheap). Colloquial sense of "lad, fellow" is first attested 1716 (cf. slang tough customer).

"to crack," early 15c., chappen, variant of choppen (see chop). The noun meaning "fissure in the skin" is from late 14c.
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chap definition

  1. tv.
    to anger or annoy someone. (See also chapped.) : That whole business really chapped me.
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