un feeding


the act of a person or thing that feeds.
an instance of eating or of taking or being given nourishment.
grazing land.

before 900; Middle English feding, Old English fēding. See feed, -ing1

nonfeeding, adjective
unfeeding, adjective
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Word Origin & History

O.E. fedan "nourish, feed," from P.Gmc. *fothjanan (cf. O.S. fodjan, O.Fris. feda, Goth. fodjan "to feed"). The noun sense of "food for animals" is first attested 1588. Fed up "surfeited, disgusted, bored," is British slang first recorded 1900, extended to U.S. by World War I; probably from earlier phrases
like fed up to the back teeth. Feeding frenzy is from 1989, metaphoric extension of a phrase that had been used of sharks since 1950s.
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