un flowing


moving in or as in a stream: flowing water.
proceeding smoothly or easily; facile: flowing language.
long, smooth, graceful, and without sudden interruption or change of direction: flowing lines; flowing gestures.
hanging loosely at full length: flowing hair.
abounding; having in excess: a land flowing with milk and honey.

before 950; Middle English flowynge, Old English flōwende. See flow, -ing2

flowingly, adverb
flowingness, noun
self-flowing, adjective
unflowing, adjective
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Word Origin & History

O.E. flowan (class VII strong verb; past tense fleow, pp. flowen), from P.Gmc. *flo- (cf. Du. vloeien "to flow," O.N. floa "to deluge," O.H.G. flouwen "to rinse, wash"), probably from PIE *pleu- "flow, float" (cf. Skt. plavate "navigates, swims," plavayati "overflows;" Armenian helum "I pour;" Gk. plyno
"I wash," pleo "swim, go by sea;" L. pluere "to rain;" O.C.S. plovo "to flow, navigate;" Lith. pilu "to pour out," plauti "rinse"). The weak form predominated from 14c., but strong pp. flown is occasionally attested through 18c. Related: Flowed; flowing.
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flow (flō)
v. flowed, flow·ing, flows

  1. To move or run smoothly with unbroken continuity.

  2. To circulate, as the blood in the body.

  3. To menstruate.

  1. The smooth motion characteristic of fluids.

  2. The volume of fluid or gas passing a given point per unit of time.

  3. menstrual discharge.

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