un helmeted


any of various forms of protective head covering worn by soldiers, firefighters, divers, cyclists, etc.
medieval armor for the head.
(in fencing, singlestick, etc.) a protective device for the head and face consisting of reinforced wire mesh.
anything resembling a helmet in form or position.

1400–50; late Middle English < Middle French healmet, helmet, diminutive of helme helm2

helmeted, adjective
helmetlike, adjective
unhelmeted, adjective
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World English Dictionary
helmet (ˈhɛlmɪt)
1.  a piece of protective or defensive armour for the head worn by soldiers, policemen, firemen, divers, etc
2.  biology a part or structure resembling a helmet, esp the upper part of the calyx of certain flowers
[C15: from Old French, diminutive of helme, of Germanic origin]

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Word Origin & History

1470, from M.Fr. helmet, dim. of helme "helmet," from Frank. *helm (cf O.H.G. helm "helmet"), from P.Gmc. *khelmaz, from PIE *kel- "to cover, to hide" (see cell). O.E. had helm, but it never was an active word.
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Slang Dictionary

helmet definition

  1. n.
    the foreskin of the penis. : He's at the doctor's, asking about getting his helmet clipped off.
  2. n.
    the glans penis; the end of the penis. : The helmet's the sensitive part.

  3. an ineffective and oafish male. : You stupid helmet!
  4. n.
    a hairdo. : Her helmet looks like it's a wig.
Dictionary of American Slang and Colloquial Expressions by Richard A. Spears.Fourth Edition.
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Bible Dictionary

Helmet definition

(Heb. kob'a), a cap for the defence of the head (1 Sam. 17:5, 38). In the New Testament the Greek equivalent is used (Eph. 6:17; 1 Thess. 5:8). (See ARMS.)

Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary
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