Un nimblest


adjective, nimbler, nimblest.
quick and light in movement; moving with ease; agile; active; rapid: nimble feet.
quick to understand, think, devise, etc.: a nimble mind.
cleverly contrived: a story with a nimble plot.

before 1000; late Middle English nymel, earlier nemel, Old English nǣmel capable, equivalent to nǣm- (variant stem of niman to take; see nim1) + -el -le

nimbleness, noun
nimbly, adverb
unnimble, adjective
unnimbleness, noun
unnimbly, adverb

1. lively, brisk, swift. 2. alert.

1. clumsy.
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nimble (ˈnɪmbəl)
1.  agile, quick, and neat in movement: nimble fingers
2.  alert; acute: a nimble intellect
[Old English nǣmel quick to grasp, and numol quick at seizing, both from niman to take]

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Word Origin & History

"agile, light-footed," c.1300, nemel, from O.E. næmel "quick to grasp" (attested only once), related to niman "to take," from P.Gmc. *nemanan (cf. O.Du., Goth. niman, O.N. nema, O.Fris. nima, Ger. nehmen "to take"), from PIE base *nem- "to divide, distribute, allot" (cf. Gk. nemein "to deal out,"
nemesis "just indignation," L. numerus "number," Lith. nuoma "rent, interest," M.Ir. nos "custom, usage"). With excrescent -b- from c.1500 (cf. limb).
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