un raked


inclining from the vertical or from the horizontal: raked masts; a raked stage.

1945–50; rake3 + -ed2

unraked, adjective
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Word Origin & History

"toothed tool," O.E. raca "rake," earlier ræce, from P.Gmc. *rak- "gather, heap up" (cf. O.N. reka "spade, shovel," O.H.G. rehho, Ger. Rechen "rake," Goth. rikan "to heap up, collect"). The verb is attested from mid-13c.; of gunfire from c.1630.

"debauchee," 1653, shortening of rakehell (1547), possibly an alteration (by association with rake (1) and Hell) of M.E. rakel (adj.) "hasty, rash, headstrong," probably from raken "to go, proceed," from O.E. racian, of unknown origin. Rakish first recorded 1706.
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